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Complex Creations

  Welcome to the links of the Complex Creations. We have a large variety of links in many different categories. If you know of a good link, please feel free to submit it. If you are looking for something, drop us a message and we'll see what we can do. For now, these are the links that we have. Enjoy!

Link Description Link Description
Allegro This is a cool gaming library made for the C programming language. It allows you to do much more with ease. DJGPP This site contains a free C compiler to compile the programs you write. This compiler is 100% compatible with Allegro gaming library.
ESC Programs This site has a few programs that are good for beginners and intermediates. Programmer's Vault This is one of the best programming sites on the web! Features many different languages as well.
Programming Resource Megasite This site contains a large collection of programs, programming related tutorials, source codes, links, ideas... you name it. Winzip This handy utility allows you to uncompressed to most common compressed files on the internet. You require this to unpack any ZIP files before accessing them.


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