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Complex Creations

  Welcome to the Complex Creations! We are a small group of students that live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Both students are in their junior years of high school and have a high interest level in the area of computers. Both students understand the construction of website along with some javascripting, most animations including shockwave movies, and astounding graphics. They are now learning the languages C and C++.
  If you need a website created for any purpose, give us an e-mail and we can do it for minimum fees. These fees will be so low they're never even heard of! For practically nothing, you can have a professional-looking website dedicated to whatever it is you had in mind, and the way you wanted it to look!

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Rats! Looks like school's starting again. *groan* No, not that school's bad or anything, it's just that it doesn't teaches what we want to learn. It also cuts the amount of time we have, no?

Complex Creations have joined the DJGPP and Allegro Webrings. We hope to improve traffic and popularity of this page. It is not yet part of the ring, but it soon will.

Complex Creations gets a face lift for spring break. This face lift was led by Hellstorm. All feedback are welcomed by Complex Creations.

Hey everyone. Spring break is coming around. People who have to attend school are expected to have a smashing time. No school for a week! Gives us a chance to update CC a bit. (spring cleaning)


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